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Our mission is to provide the speed, reliability, and regulatory compliance needed to expedite the device manufacturer’s time to market.

Guided by previous experience in fast turnaround production, a strong commitment to quality, and hands-on leadership, the Boulder Sterilization team is the one you want to perform and control the critical task of product sterilization.


Our 11,000 square feet facility houses packaging, a controlled environment, and our 3M 8XL sterilizers.

Designed to be a workhorse, these sterilizers have been installed in hospitals and commercial facilities world-wide. The system uses a fixed-volume, single-use EO cartridge to assure safe dispensing of a consistent amount of sterilant, every time. It is highly regarded for safety, consistency, and reliability among both users and regulatory bodies. Boulder Sterilization maintains a preventive maintenance program with 3M, ensuring minimum down time.

38″ deep x 20″ wide x 18″ tall, 7.9 cu.ft.

36″ deep x 18″ wide x 16″ tall


Customer Convenience

We’re dedicated to making a customer’s experience simple and easy by providing an accessible online portal for orders, documentation, and other conveniences.

Service and Responsiveness

Large sterilization companies can take up to 6 months to complete the sterilization process, we provide efficient and accurate turnaround times for our customers.

& Quality

We provide expertise across the board including packaging & assembly, regulatory services, and product development services complementary to sterilization.

Environmentally Friendly

We utilize “Abator” technology to dramatically reduce EO emissions. Once the sterilization is completed, all 99.99% of the EO gas is converted to carbon dioxide and water.

How Are We Better

Ethylene Oxide (EO) is commonly used for sterilizing medical devices at a low temperature and in small batches. EO is used to sterilize all kinds of devices that are sensitive to heat or moisture. This method is popular with devices that cannot be sterilized by steam. EO sterilization is non corrosive to most materials, meaning this method is not hard on materials such as metals, plastics, glass and rubber materials. This method has been used to sterilize medical devices for decades and has proven to be effective when safely controlled.


Jim KasicPresident & CEO

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