Assembly and Packaging


Our engineers provide packaging design and redesign services for user efficiency and effectiveness, and cost reduction. And with all services under one roof – including assembly – customers eliminate the need to juggle multiple vendors, and gain the efficiencies of simpler project management and coordination.


Packaging capabilities include tray and pouch sealing within a Class 10,000 clean room (Class 7-equivalent controlled environment. In-house labeling and secondary packaging assure that each product is customer-ready.

  • Full-service assembly, including tray and pouch sealing, seal and shipping validation
  • ISO 11607 packaging validation, including the development, execution and delivery of protocols and reports
  • Packaging design and redesign for user efficiency and effectiveness, cost reduction
  • Distribution/shipping validation
  • Shelf life studies: Accelerated aging, real-time aging tests
  • In-house packaging testing: Peel strength, bubble leak, dye penetration, visual inspection


We take the quality of packaging just as seriously as the quality of the device itself. We deliver simple, efficient packaged product designed to fit every client’s needs – within the compliance requirements of ISO 13485.